Meet the Coaches

Working 1 on 1 with a Life Coach is a life-changing experience which will allow you to reach and identify your greatest goals. Our coaching clients attest to experiencing breakthroughs that lead them to challenge and make changes in their thinking, leading to remarkable changes in their quality of life. Our coaching is tailored to your specific needs.

Coaches Canada only partners with accredited coaches with a solid track record of experienced, driven leaders. For more information or to schedule a session with one of the life coaches, contact Issa Asad via the contact form below. You are one step closer to finding the better you!


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Rita Santo
Rita works with new and established executives, managers, entrepreneurs,
coaches and other professionals who want to deliver extraordinary results and win.
You will build on your successes, sail to the next level, and close the gap between
where you are and where you want to be. Her motto is never give up – never quit.



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Klay Bronte
Klay has worked as a coach for 10 years and focuses on relationship effectiveness
for executives. The majority of his job is leading project teams on collaborative
working practices. Known as the executive coach with the attention for detail,
Klay coaches direct and gets  to the point. Paul has a great deal of experience
coaching CEO’s to improve their effectiveness on the job and personal life.


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Issa Asad
Issa Asad from Dania, FL is an entrepreneur and sales executive with over 15 years
of experience in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Asad is the President, CEO,
and Managing Member of various technology companies. He understands
the importance of a work-life balance and will help you reach yours.