What is a Coach

Professional coaches help clients achieve results in their personal and professional lives.

Whether working with an individual one-to-one or with groups, coaches help organizational leaders become more effective and help people enhance the quality of their lives.

”There are a million reasons to hire a coach. But there is one that is universally urgent – the harsh (thrilling) reality of the talent-based economy. If you are not (RIGHT NOW) using your talents to add value to some person, project, or company, you are in danger of becoming economically extinct.” Source: www.coachville.com

What it is Not

Coaching is not training, but paradoxically, it is the highest form of training -working one on one with an individual allows the client to shift, reframe, and re-focus familiar patterns of doing and being. Over time, old and familiar habits are replaced with new, more positive, productive and effective habits..

Coaching is not counselling or therapy. In coaching, the client is not broken and, thus, does not need fixing. Not to over-generalize, counselling and therapy often focus on the past. Coaching is very much focused on what can be done today to move towards a more satisfying future.

Coaching is not consulting. Consultants provide a valuable service based on their particular area of expertise. Consultants offer solutions. Coaches help clients find their own solutions.